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Bacterial vaginosis

bacterial vaginosis
Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common causes of vaginal symptoms. It's not a real STI.

What is it?
Use of soaps, vaginal douches or certain medications can alter the natural acidity in the vagina. Bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis can then grow. Also among sex condom, intestinal bacteria, age and hormone levels have influence here.

Do you have a bacterial vaginosis then the chance of an STI increases. Pregnant women are at risk of a premature baby.

Do I have it?
About half of women with bacterial vaginosis have no symptoms. These symptoms occur:
- More (sticky and / or white) discharge
- Separation smells unpleasant (sour, fishy smell) or more in contact with semen
- Itching
- Redness
- Pain during sex
A test shows whether you have bacterial vaginosis. Go to the doctor if you're concerned.

How do I get it from?
Treatment with pills or creams (antibiotic). Some women frequently suffer from the infection.
Do not use soap around the vagina and no vaginal douches
STDs with similar complaints
* Chlamydia * Gonorrhea * Trichomonas