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Chlamydia test

A chlamydia infection is an STI. You have an inflammation in the fallopian tubes, fertility problems, an inflamed pelvic area or pain when urinating, different or increased discharge, bleeding from the vagina, pain during sex and abdominal pain - all annoying symptoms for a woman. Although chlamydia in women occurs a lot, men can also get a chlamydia infection. The complaints that men with chlamydia can experience are epididymis inflammation, prostatitis and fertility problems. Men with a chlamydia infection may experience a burning sensation and pain during urination, discharge from the penis and anus and possibly also itching are possible. Chlamydia infection occurs in men and women. After a home test that is the same for women and men, a chlamydia infection is easily treated by your doctor.

Do you recognise these symptoms? Then it's time for a chlamydia home test.

How does a chlamydia home test work?

The chlamydia test is a reliable way to determine chlamydia. With this highly sensitive chlamydia test you can clearly see the results. The chlamydia tests of 123hometest have clear user instructions. It is important that you do the chlamydia test step by step and first read the enclosed user instructions. The result can be quickly seen after 10-15 minutes. Read more about how a chlamydia test works.

Anonymous chlamydia home test

If you are unsure whether you have contracted chlamydia it is wise to do a chlamydia test. A chlamydia test can be done at a doctor or at the NHS with possibly high costs attached. Many people choose a chlamydia self-test. You can take such a chlamydia self-test at a location you feel comfortable. 

The anonymous STI test of 123hometests.co.uk can either be sent to your home address or be collected at one of the many anonymous pick-up points in the United Kingdom. Even you bank statement will not mention 123hometests and packages are completely anonymous.

Reliability of a chlamydia test

The chlamydia tests (testing at home) of 123hometests are professional chlamydia tests with clear instructions, which tell you what to do. You’ll receive a reliable result with advice, for which you can always contact our chlamydia advisor.

I was treated for chlamydia. When can I have sex again?

You should not have sex again until you and your sexual partner(s) have completed their treatment. If your doctor prescribes a single dose of medication, wait seven days after taking the medicine before you have sex again in order to prevent a “new” chlamydia infection.

Symptoms of chlamydia in women

Women may experience the following symptoms when having a chlamydia infection:

• An increase in vaginal secretion, as a result of an inflamed cervix.
• The urge to urinate more often than normal.
• Pain during intercourse or bleeding after sex.
• Pain when urination or a burning sensation during urination.
• Low back pain.
• Pain in the lower abdomen.
• Infertility.
• Blood loss between menstruations.

Symptoms of chlamydia in men

Men may experience the following symptoms when having a chlamydia infection:

• White, translucent and watery discharge from the penis, often visible on the underwear of the man.
• Pain and swelling in your testicles.
• A burning sensation and/or pain when urinating or defecating.

There are three ways of testing whether you have contracted the STI chlamydia:

  • Home test – 123hometests.co.uk sells reliable online chlamydia home testing. One can order a chlamydia test completely anonymously for both men and women. The chlamydia home test shows the result within 15 minutes. The home test is not suitable for pregnant women.
  • By your GP – when suspecting an STI, you can get tested by the GP.
  • At the NHS - anonymous STI testing is available at the NHS. Please do note that this can cost up to £ 240,- and is no longer free.

Should the home test show a positive result then it is advisable to seek treatment by your doctor. Chlamydia treatment consists of a course of antibiotics, usually 7 days. During this time it’s advisable not to have sex with your partner or if you do to use a condom.