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I suffer from pain when Iam urinating. Should I let myself examine for chlamydia?
Did you have unsafe sex and suffer from vague symptoms such as abdominal pain, which is more or different discharge, pain or a burning sensation when urinating, bleeding between menstrual periods, bleeding or pain during or after intercourse; it is wise to do a hometest.
Which tests are useable for men?
The test Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, are for men. Bacterial vaginosis is the exception that only can be used by women.
I feel healthy, is it still advisable to do the STD home test?
When you have had unsafe sex we always advise to get do a test. This infection may not show any symptoms but can be present.
Can the tests also be used during pregnancy?
Yes, these tests can be used during pregnancy. Especially if you are pregnant and have reason to suspect an STD, it is even highly recommended to do the STD tests! During pregnancy the infection can lead to premature birth and spontaneous abortion.
I have an STD, but I do not know if my last partner(s) have STD?
Basically, you should at least warn all partners with whom you have had unprotected sex in the past six months.
Can I use the test more than once?
No, the STD home tests are only for single use. Even after a negative result.
I've already been treated for chlamydia. Can I still get infected again?
Yes, a treatment is not a vaccination. When you get again in contact with the bacterium Chlamydia, you may be infected again. It is even so that the risk of complications such as infertility (for women) is much larger after multiple infections. That's why it's so important that your partner is treated (preferably simultaneously and as quickly as possible). You can re-infect each other always.
How much time does it takes before I notice that I am infected?
The incubation period of chlamydia infection is 7-12 days. This means that the first symptoms can occur after two weeks. Please note that in most cases you notice nothing the first weeks about a chlamydia infection!

The incubation period of Gonorrhea is 2-5 days.

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How can I get an STD?
STDs are transmitted through semen, blood, vaginal fluid and in contact with mucous membranes. These are among others in the anus, penis, vagina and mouth.
Most STDs will arise with unsafe sex. Unsafe sex is:

Vaginal intercourse without a condom (penis entering the vagina).
Anal intercourse without a condom (penis entering the anus).
Oral sex (fellatio and cunnilingus) without a condom.
Without this intermediate by making joint use of sex attributes, such as a dildo, clean them.
Some STDs are also transmitted by blood. HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis incur as a result of unsanitary tattooing or piercing applied.
HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis can be transmitted during pregnancy from the mother to child. HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Chlamydia, genital Herpes and Gonorrhea can be transmitted to the baby during birth.

Can I get infected by herpes if I use a condom?
A condom does not offer 100% protection against genital herpes. There may be vesicles outside the condom rim. The virus can also be transmitted without sex. Or maybe you carried already the virus without having the symptoms.
Does a condom protects you 100%?
Yes, as long as they do not burst. Make sure you use a new condom after 15 minutes.
Is sex with a condom safe?
A condom protects against HIV. Both anal and vaginal sex. A condom also protects against other STDs but not always 100%. Do you changing your sexual partners? D
We advice to do at least 1 time per year an STD test.
I have chlamydia and my partner doesn't, is that possible?
Yes that's possible. Sometimes a person's immune system clears the bacterium that causes chlamydia itself. Do you besides your partner have sex with other people? Then you can have incurred Chlamydia that way.
I got herpes from my friend, is he cheating?
No, not necessarily. Herpes is a virus that you can reach without sex. Many people carry this herpes virus. This does not mean that they have complaints.
What tests are available for women?
All STD tests which 123hometests.co.uk sells are for frightened women.