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STD test London

Are you living in London and doubt whether you have suffered a STD test With STD Testing STD 123 test can easily check whether you have incurred.

You have the option to get a chlamydia test, gonorrhea test, syphilis test, Herpes test, bacterial test, vaginoese test, hepatitis B test or do. Complete STI test When the test is complete STDs are tested on all these STDs and you know if you do not have an STD.
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The STD testing, you can easily and quickly be delivered at home. However, we can imagine that you test the STI prefer not to have it delivered at home. You can STD testing at STD 123 test Order online and have it delivered to the addresses below.

Even on your bank statement is an anonymous sender!

You can get a STD test to do at the GGD but these are quite expensive, and you have only one week after the rash. These tests are for most people no longer free, and the cost of this can be up to € 300, -. For fast and reliable results can already buy an online self-test from € 14.95 at 123hometests.co.uk where you within 10 to 15 minutes the rash.

A number of major health agencies are:

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Order the STD testing online at 123 Home test and select one of the following collection points