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STI test

An STI test – what is it?

An STI test is a test to determine the presence of sexually transmitted infections. On the basis of this test, it’s established whether or not a patient has become infected.

The standard STI test examines the presence of syphilis, chlamydia, herpes and gonorrhea. A targeted test is used when there is clear evidence or complaints of a specific STI. You can order the following home tests at 123hometests.co.uk: syphilis home test, chlamydia home test, gonorrhea home test and the hepatitis B home test. The home tests are sent anonymously, with no sender on the packaging. Even your bank statement only shows an anonymous description (123concepts) of your payment. Our experience shows that customers prefer to remain anonymous when ordering the home tests. 123hometests guarantees that when you buy an online test it is done completely anonymously and reliably.

A targeted test is also done for risk groups. The chance of an STI (sexually transmitted infection) is always there. Risk groups are people who have frequent anal sexual contact, partners of people with an STI, injecting drug users, people with many sexual partners and commercial sex workers. Using a condom does not always rule out the possibility of contracting a bacteria and thus being infected with an STI. Both the incubation time and symptoms are different for each STI (sexually transmitted infection).

Below is an overview of the incubation time of STIs (sexually transmitted infections):

* Chlamydia - 1 day to 5 weeks incubation time (this STI is often asymptomatic)

* Syphilis - 2 to 12 weeks incubation time (on average 3 weeks)

* Gonorrhea - 1day to 3 weeks incubation time (this STI is often asymptomatic)

* Herpes - 2 to 20 days incubation time

Reasons to take an STI test 

The most well-known reasons for taking an STI test are:

  • After having unsafe sex.
  • To have sex without a condom in a new relationship.
  • The condom tore during sex.
  • A warning of possible infection from a partner or ex.
  • When having several physical complaints and doubting about the possibility of an STI (sexually transmitted infection).

STI test exist for both women and men. Look out for this with online tests. The online tests of 123hometests.co.uk are reliable and produce quick results. These online tests are not tests where a urine-sample needs to be sent to a laboratory, as is often the case when consulting a doctor.

Which complaints can indicate an STI?

Well-known complaints associated with an STI are sores, warts, increased or changed discharge, painful urination, fever, skin rash, itching and swelling. The bacteria often associated with STIs and parasites can also become more severe as the infection progresses. There is a difference in the symptoms of an STI in women and STIs in men. The reliability of sex with a condom to exclude the transfer of an STI is not 100%.

Symptoms of an STI in women:

* Pain or burning sensation when urinating, which often indicates chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes and genital warts.
* Sores, warts or bumps, which often indicates syphilis, herpes and genital warts.
* Itching around the genitals, which often indicates herpes, candida, scabies, genital warts and pubic lice.
* Discharge from your vagina, which often indicates gonorrhea, herpes, trichomonas, candida or bacterial vaginosis.

Symptoms of an STI in men:

* Pain or burning sensation when urinating, which often indicates chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes and genital warts.
* Sores, warts or bumps, which often indicates syphilis, herpes and genital warts.
* Itching around the genitals, which often indicates herpes, candida, scabies, genital warts and pubic lice.
* Discharge from your penis or anus, which often indicates gonorrhea, herpes and trichomonas.

You can buy customised online tests at 123hometests, for both women and men. A quick result gives you clarity within 15 minutes. In case you are not sure which STI you have, you can also easily and reliably buy complete packages in which STI tests for both women and men are included. Always be honest with your partner, as an STI for both women and men can be quickly transferred. Should you have an STI and have had unsafe sex with your partner, the chance you could transfer the STI is quite big. Even if you have doubts because there are no symptoms, it’s still advisable to order an online test or consult your doctor.

Why take an STI test?

Many people wonder why they should take an STI test and where can I take one? It often begins with certain complaints or symptoms of an STI. Once this thought has been processed, people often search online for terms like complaints STI, itching STI, lots of urinating STI, itching STI women, STI anonymous, chance of an STI, STI bacteria, urine test STI, home test STI, self-test STI, request STI test online, STI test doctor, reliability STI test, online STI test, STI test anonymous, quick STI test, STI test reliable, STI results or where to do an STI test?

These are all search terms used when searching for more information. You can find most information on the website of 123hometests.co.uk. In case of doubt, you can always send an e-mail to info@123hometests.co.uk. Always remember to inform your partner after confirmation of an STI and to contact a doctor to help clear the infection.


When in doubt, always take a test. The chance of getting an STI when having unsafe sex is quite large. Quick treatment often prevents worse complaints and stops the transfer of the infection and the bacteria.

You can take an STI test at the NHS, but these are quite expensive and you only receive the results after a week as it often involves a urine test. For most people, these tests are not free and can cost up to £ 240,-. Taking a test with a doctor also involves costs which may not be covered by your health insurance. It is therefore advisable to check this in advance. For quick, anonymous and reliable results buy an online self-test at 123hometests.co.uk. An online STI test can be bought anonymously from a starting price of £ 12,-, with test results within 10 to 15 minutes. Anonymous STI testing has the advantage that you can do it at any time of the day when you feel most comfortable. Anonymous STI testing has only been around for a few years now. Nowadays, quick STI tests are reliable if they are CE approved, which guarantees their reliability. The risk of getting an STI bacterium has risen sharply in recent years. When recognising symptoms of an STI or when you are unsure if you have a bacterial infection, it is always important to take an STI test. You can request a STI test with your doctor (often a urine STI test or blood STI test) or order an STI test online. The cost of an STI test with your doctor may run into the hundreds of pounds, so it is advisable to know the costs in advance. The cost of a self-test, however, is often significantly lower. As it is still a home test, you should carefully follow the instructions.